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Epiphany Cake
Full Length Comedy, 5W
A mother-daughter book group in Los Angeles anticipates the arrival of a New Yorker writer doing an article on them (and secretly the lack of literary culture in Los Angeles). The women were so excited about the evening that they all forgot one crucial ingredient: to read the book. In their comic struggle to save face, their alliances change, secrets are exposed, and the line between fact and fiction is not only blurred, but flat out erased. Act One is a desperate attempt for Barbara, Marie, Candice, and Beth to pass as readers. They talk about the book based only on their quick reading of the back cover. Completely misunderstanding the story, they not only get caught, but the writer, Alice, turns out to be the actual author of the novel. Act Two is a desperate attempt to pick up the pieces, and, for Alice, a comic attempt to escape LA. But now that the secret is out it leads to one can of worms after another: race vs. class, LA vs. NY, mothers vs. daughters. The women turn themselves inside out and force each other to face the truths about their lives and the fictions they have been living.

Ensemble Studio Theatre / LA
Winterfest + First Look/Full Length Festival, Miles Memorial Playhouse, Santa Monica, CA.

Moving Arts Theatre Company
Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights New Works Lab, Moving Arts, Hollywood.
Audition Arsenal for Women in Their Thirties
Monologue, Janet Milstein, editor (Smith and Kraus).

Women's Monologues Vol. II
Monologue, Gerald Lee Ratliff, editor (Meriwether Publishing).
Available for World Premiere.

Bruce Miller
Washington Square Arts and Films
310 Bowery, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10012
212.253.0333 x36

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