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Why Wyoming
Full Length Comic Drama, 3W, 3M
A young Hollywood starlet returns to her native state for her next film shoot. To prepare for the role, she calls upon a childhood friend upon whom she will base her character: an overweight, small-town mother. Nothing, however, can prepare her for the reckoning her past cruelties deserve. A middle-aged mid-western couple have different ideas about vacation. She wants adventure, risk, thrill, and danger. He wants a spa. After a humiliating day of white water rafting, it looks like their second-marriage has hit the rocks and only one of them will continue merrily down the stream. A man returns to cremate his father and sell off his estate. The younger brother who stayed behind has a different plan. What starts out as a dispute over their father's body and the land where they were born quickly turns into an unearthing of childhood memories and regret. This final meeting threatens more than just the loss of land, but the loss of brotherhood itself.

Why Wyoming
3Graces Theatre Company
The Hudson Guild Theater, New York, NY.

Act I
Ensemble Studio Theatre/LA
Winterfest + First Look/Full Length Festival, Miles Memorial Playhouse, Santa Monica, CA.
Available for World Premiere.

Bruce Miller
Washington Square Arts and Films
310 Bowery, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10012
212.253.0333 x36

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