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Once a Marine
Full Length Drama, 3W, 3M
Major Clayton Waters, a shell-shocked marine, returns home from Iraq having suffered a traumatic memory loss of the last fifteen years. He has no recollection of the wife he left behind, Katie, and he only remembers his sister Shauna as being a little girl. The only woman he does remember – and the one he came back for – is his first love from fifteen years ago, Marisol. She has not heard from him in over a decade, until she starts receiving letters from him in Iraq. His bittersweet homecoming not only rekindles lost love, but also dredges up the most painful of memories, especially the loss between a husband and wife. Clayton must choose between a future of blissful ignorance, and a past of buried grief. But he is not the one who will decide.


PlayFest! Harriet Lake Festival of New Plays
• Orlando Shakespeare Theatre , Orlando, FL.

Living Room Series
• The Blank Theatre, Hollywood, CA.

Playwrights Center Stage
• Department of Theatre, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA.

International Rebecca West Society Conference
• The Mercantile, New York, NY.

29th International Comparative Drama Conference
• Woodland Hills, CA.

Ensemble Studio Theatre/LA Playwrights Unit
• Workshops
“I can say without exaggeration that if there is a better drama dealing with the haunting costs of modern warfare, I haven’t read it.”
- Tom Bowie, former editor of War, Literature, and the Arts

Elizabeth Maupin interview.

Bruce Miller
Washington Square Arts and Films
310 Bowery, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10012
212.253.0333 x36

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