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Several monologues from Kelly's plays have been performed individually, published in anthologies, and used by actors in auditions to "get the part." He is currently writing a new collection of comic monologues called We're Those People about parenthood. Selections from this project will appear here first, so check back frequently for new monologues.

If you are interested in reading more monologues from his work, or acquiring permission to perform a piece, simply contact the playwright.

From I Think You Think I Love You:
I Think You Think I Love You
By Kelly Younger
Branwyn: twenties, female, frantic talker, highly caffeinated

From Epiphany Cake:
Epiphany Cake
By Kelly Younger
Alice: thirties, African-American, very “New York”

From Off Compass:
Off Compass
By Kelly Younger
Gayle: thirties, on the verge of a real breakdown or a real breakthrough