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Adam Szymkowicz' series features “This World We Know,” a new play receiving its world premiere at Firehouse Theatre by Cecily Wren featured interview in the Richmond Times Dispatch (2015).

Introduction to the award winning play This World We Know published in Blackbird: Journal of Literature and the Arts (2014).

Adam Szymkowicz' series features Interview with Playwright Kelly Younger (2010).

"Antigone and Terrorism." (Text and Presentation McFarland and Co. 2007).

"I am convinced that your work makes a major contribution to the field of drama and theatre."
- Stratos Constantinidis, editor of Text and Presentation

“Chekhov & the Irish: The Greening of Russian Drama.”(2006 Studies: An Irish Quarterly Review).

"The research is very impressive and the conclusions are both original and important. Most significant, I think, is the contrast between the English and Irish reactions to Chekhov’s plays, and their greatly increased popularity after the First World War. The resemblance of pre-Independence Ireland to pre-Revolutionary Russia is always interesting, but the article illustrates many aspects of Irish drama, as a reflection of Irish society, from 1922 onwards. The article does this on a small scale, but the depth of the research and the richness of the findings are very important. He has written an article which can be described, in an over-used word, as ‘significant.’"
- Fergus O’Donoghue, editor of Studies

“Irish Antigones: Burying the Colonial Symptom.” (2006 Colloquy: Text, Theory, Critique). Winner of the 2007 Philadelphia Constantinidis Essay in Critical Theory Award.

“Dante in L.A. An Interview with Kelly Younger.” by Sandra Hoskin (May 2005 Insight for Playwrights Vol. 13, Is. 5, pp. 1-2).

Download “Dante in L.A. An Interview with Kelly Younger” in PDF format.

“Dead mice on toast? Jurassic Oddities make museum an unusual experience.” by Kate McLaughlin, featured interview with Kelly Younger (5 May 2006 Daily Breeze start page R 24).

Download “Dead mice on toast? Jurassic Oddities make museum an unusual experience” in PDF format.

“Honors, Inc.” The Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council, (Spring/Summer 2004, Vol. 5, No.1, pp. 63-77).

"Kelly Younger’s “Honors, Inc.” begins with a fascinating discussion of the ‘corporatization’ of higher education. Most of us think of this trend as a phenomenon that began sometime around the 1960s; Younger traces it back at least as early as 1909. He summarizes some of the extensive literature on the subject, which has become voluminous in these early years of the twenty-first century. He then moves to a description of the corporate pressure at his own institution, Loyola Marymount University in California, and he provides an account of how he has been able not only to accommodate these pressures but even to enjoy them. His is a cheerful essay about making lemonade of what many pundits in higher education and Honors find to be very bitter lemons."
- Ada Long, editor of JNCHC

Download Kelly Younger's “Honors, Inc.” in PDF format.

Anglo-Irish Theatre & the Formation of a Nationalist Political Culture Between 1890 & 1930 by Georg Grote.” Studies: An Irish Quarterly Review (Summer 2004, Vol. 93, No. 370, pp. 249-251).

“Louis MacNeice’s Agamemnon: The Long Goodbye Pages (v.5, 1998, pp. 187-197).

"Brendan Kennelly’s Greek Trilogy." Irish Theatre Forum (Summer 1998, v. 3.1).

"Pinter is a liar & a cheat." Irish Theatre Forum (Summer 1997, v. 1.1)

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