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I Think You Think I Love You
Ten Minute Comedy, 1W, 1M
Branwyn returns home exhausted from a hike where she scattered the ashes of both her dead mother and her crazy sister's dead cat. A knock on the door prompts Branwyn to unleash her frantic tale on Mark -- a guy she thinks is there to buy her house, but is really the blind date she forgot was tonight. Once they figure out the mistaken identity, Branwyn and Mark discover the tenderness that often follows our most humiliating moments.

The Can Can
Ten Minute Comedy, 1W, 1M
(Mis)communicating through a string phone made of two cans, a couple comically struggles to argue their way out of clichés.

Mametus Rex: Or, David Mamet Rewrites a Greek Tragedy
Ten Minute Comedy, 2W, 3M
A brief . . . very brief . . . version of Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex according to David Mamet. Parental guidance suggested . . . if not required!

The Lost Boy
Ten Minute Drama, 1M or 1F
A professor delivers a eulogy for a student who died too young.

Don't You (Forget About Me)
Ten Minute Comedy, 1W
Heidi panics over the possibility she might be pregnant, and delivers a comedic, heartbreaking, and ultimately hopefully monologue to her home pregnancy test kit about her future as a mother, the future of the world, and - of course - The Breakfast Club.

Ten Minute Comedy, 2M
Forced into a guy’s night out by their wives, a stay-at-home dad and a stay-in-his-cubicle accountant go on a disastrous ‘first date’ only to learn that friendship really is magic.

Best Lei'd Plans
2W ages 50-60+
One beach wedding, two mothers-in-law, four pina coladas, and a ‘safe word’ lead to a surprising new relationship and best laid plans.

Let's Get Physical
2m, 1W
Ever have one of those awkward physical exams? By the woman you're hoping to date? If so, turn to the left and cough.