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I Think You Think I Love You
Ten Minute Comedy, 1W, 1M
Branwyn returns home exhausted from a hike where she scattered the ashes of both her dead mother and her crazy sister's dead cat. A knock on the door prompts Branwyn to unleash her frantic tale on Mark -- a guy she thinks is there to buy her house, but is really the blind date she forgot was tonight. Once they figure out the mistaken identity, Branwyn and Mark discover the tenderness that often follows our most humiliating moments.


3Graces Theatre Company at the Milagro Theatre
Spring Shorts Festival, New York, NY.

WriteAct Repertory Theatre
• Hollywood, CA.

The North Carolina Arts Center
Shorts in Winter Festival: Love and the Other, Theatre Orange Company, Chapel Hill, NC.

Ruskin Group Theatre
• Santa Monica, CA.
Los Angeles Playwrights EXPO
Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights Best Plays of the Year Festival, Ahmnson Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA.

Ensemble Studio Theatre/LA
Winterfest, Theater/Theatre, Hollywood, CA.

I Think You Think I Love You
• Acting edition (Playscripts)

Best Ten minute Plays 2005
• Anthology edition, DL Lepidus, editor (Smith and Kraus)

Audition Arsenal for Women in Their Twenties
• Monologue, Janet Milstein, editor (Smith and Kraus)
Triangle Theater Award, Spectator Magazine
• Best One-Act Play

Ten by Ten National Playwriting Competition
• Finalist, North Carolina Arts Center, Chapel Hill, NC.
Named Independent Weekly “Best Bets”

“Kelly Younger’s short play “I Think You Think I Love You” (Shorts in Winter at The ArtsCenter) was a comedic tour-de-force that required breathtaking control of the material and, in Jill Greeson, got it. Essentially a long, rambling, and incident-filled monologue by a dutiful daughter about her attempt to dispose not only of her mother’s ashes but that of a feral cat, the play was superbly crafted and often wildly funny. Seldom is a playwright this well served by an actor. Both Younger and Greeson are names to remember, and with enormous pleasure.”
- Scott Ross, The News and Observer

“This play is a gem of redirected expectations. What seems at first a farcical comedy about a raving chatterbox and a hapless stranger trapped in her doorway becomes a deeper, sadder, funnier comedy about the awkwardness of death, survival, and relationships; next the scene deflates into what seems to be a dreary real estate deal but then ascends toward a quite touching connection between these two young people who, it turns out, had been set up for a blind date. That a ten-minute play contains four movements and makes something lovely of that most horrid of social relationships – a blind date – is quite a feat. And the dialogue is marvelous. . . . Combining poetry and narrative suspense – including the reversals we associate with Greek tragedy – this play accomplishes a lickety-split catharsis while making us laugh out loud.”
- Ada Long, author Stepping Out: An Introduction to the Arts

“I think I know why I love it: a frantic, hilarious, self-revelatory monologue punctuated by aborted one-liners from a bewildered straight man, culminating in acute embarrassment and ending with the tenderest of epigrammatic peripeties. This sort of thing is not easy to pull off as a writer (although it must be mouthwatering for any actress).”
- Stanley Lombardo, author Iliad, Aquila Theatre Company – Lincoln Center

“An evening of short plays is often a mixed bag. The 3Graces Theatre Co. however, has produced a solid block of entertaining and thought-provoking pieces, where some works shine and all entertain. Pieces that stood out included . . . I Think You Think I Love You by Kelly Younger . . .”
- Elizabeth Devlin, New Theater Corp, New York
Bruce Miller
Washington Square Arts and Films
310 Bowery, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10012
212.253.0333 x36

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